Boulder Walls Project Gallery

Here are several examples of our Natural Boulder Retaining Wall projects. Some are during the construction phases, others ready for plants and seeding, as well as completed finished projects. If your needs include steps, we have included some of our project photos that have natural stone steps within the stone retaining walls. You can enlarge the photos, watch the slideshow, or step forward and back using the controls provided.

Finished Boulder Wall Project
Finished Boulder Wall Project
  • Finished Boulder Wall Project
  • Another View - Boulder Wall Project
  • More Detail - Boulder Wall Project
  • Placing Boulders During Construction
  • Boulder Project During Construction
  • During the Construction Phase
  • Lakeshore Project During Construction
  • Lakeshore Yard Project Just Completed
  • Walkout Home Boulder & Steps Project
  • Boulder Walls With Cut Stone Steps
  • Cut Stone Steps & Boulders Project
  • Cut Stone Steps in Boulder Wall Project
  • Twin Terraced Boulder Walls
  • Lakehome With Terraced Boulder Walls
  • Walkout Lot - Multilevel Boulder Walls
  • Another View - Project Completed
  • Natural Stone Steps
  • Looking Down - Natural Stone Steps
  • Finished Boulder Wall - Ready for Seeding
  • Curvilinear Boulder Wall Project
  • Boulder Wall Accenting Paver Driveway
  • Boulder Accent Wall = Easier Mowing!
  • Natural Stone Steps
  • Boulder Retaining Walls, Steps at Right
  • Closer View of Natural Stone Steps
  • Boulders @ Our Lincoln Lakes Area Shop
  • BOULDERS'R'US Sign on Top of Boulder Rock Wall
    This is the end of our Boulder Wall Gallery. The slideshow will automatically start again from the beginning. Thanks for taking the time to see our work!