Landscaping Services:

We can incorporate the proper design elements into your landscaping project.

We look forward to the opportunities of assisting you with any of your boulder landscape and shoreline repair needs.

We have the ROCK to match our Phone Number

This sign is at our facilities along Highway 10, near the town of Lincoln Minnesota.  Our numbers are 612.290.ROCK, or 218.575.3344. Give us a call if you should have any questions at all, we are glad to help.

Outdoor living spaces: .

are an extension of your home, lakehome or cabin. We look forward to providing you with a proposal to meet your landscape needs, and fit within your budget. Contact us for a free estimate, and on-site assessment of your site needs.

Firepits & Campfires:

Yes, we can certainly include a Fire Pit design into your landscaping project!

Whether having friends over to do some grilling, or just relaxing, sitting around the campfire can be just the right touch to a long summer evening. And having the natural boulder look and feel has all the right touches of the outdoors. Besides sheltering the wind and retaining heat in the boulders, your camp fire will be contained in a safe burning environment.

Get ready for an evening fire with family & friends, watching the fire burn, and roasting hot dogs, marshmallows, or Smores. Maybe Fred & Wilma will come!

Photo Galleries:

Shoreline Restoration
Pictures of our Lakeshore Restoration & Repair projects at the water line. Shows varieties of the work we perform, depending upon your situation & needs.
Boulder Walls
Photos of our Retaining Wall work Including Natural Stone Steps..

Photos of our landscape work. Beautiful property transformations using well accepted techniques, skills, materials, and of course natural stone. Firepits also shown in this photogallery.