Boulder Walls

Our Specialty!

The northern MN lakes area often includes rolling topography, high hills and steep slopes. Because of this, most building sites benefit from installing retaining walls to create more level outdoor spaces for drainage, usability, or accenting your property to best meet your needs. We have the experience, equipment and materials to enable us to provide you with an unmatchd solution to building small or large Boulder retaining-walls.

Largest variety of Rocks and Boulders

We are a premier stone - boulder retaining wall contractor in north central Minnesota. We construct low to high walls,  and single or multi-level retaining walls, to best meet the requirements of your site and situation.

Professionally placed into your site for years of enjoyment

We look forward to the opportunities of assisting you with any of your boulder landscape, boulder retaining walls, or stone step needs.

Photo Galleries:

Shoreline Restoration
Pictures of our Lakeshore Restoration & Repair projects at the water line. Shows varieties of the work we perform, depending upon your situation & needs.
Boulder Walls
Photos of our Retaining Wall work Including Natural Stone Steps..

Photos of our landscape work. Beautiful property transformations using well accepted techniques, skills, materials, and of course natural stone. Firepits also shown in this photogallery.