Shoreline Restoration Services

Years of experience and years of satisifed customers,

We look forward to the opportunities of assisting you with any of your shoreline repair needs.

Finished Shoreline - Another Satisfied Customer

No more continual wave action with little to no erosion control, a well placed shoreline management solution can be installed at your lakeshore or riverfront property.

Perhaps you have seen our sign

Around your lake or neighborhood, the black and white SHORELINE RIP RAP by Devin sign is placed on our construction sites. Call Devin for more informatoin at 612-598-7765

Photo Galleries:

Shoreline Restoration
Pictures of our Lakeshore Restoration & Repair projects at the water line. Shows varieties of the work we perform, depending upon your situation & needs.
Boulder Walls
Photos of our Retaining Wall work Including Natural Stone Steps..

Photos of our landscape work. Beautiful property transformations using well accepted techniques, skills, materials, and of course natural stone. Firepits also shown in this photogallery.